Friday, May 31, 2013

Currently Link-Up/End of the year Gift

I just successfully completed my first link-up! Bucket list of blog items #1 complete.  Next item will be to host my own link-up party, but that is a long away venture.  For now I will settle for someone to comment on my post.  So I guess that would be my second wish! *Hint, Hint* comment please!!!

If you would like to see my link or join in the fun (you only have an hour left on this one) go over to Mrs. Farley's Website:

I also wanted to share with you the wonderful gifts I received from an amazing parent in my classroom.  I am sure she found these ideas on the web/pintrest somewhere, so if you are the originator please let me know and I will credit you in this post.

Here is the cute basket of *Apples* Oreos covered in chocolate with M&M leaves and pretzel stick stems.  

The sticker says:
"Thanks a Bushel for making me a smart cookie!" 
So Cute!!! 

She also made me a canvas of the picture below.  I thought I took a picture of it before I packed it up in my classroom, but alas I did not.  I will post the real picture when I can get back into my classroom.

*We had an excited night here of weather alerts, I hope you are all safe and sound wherever you may be.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! (Late, but not forgotten!)

So, I know I'm almost late with this, but I had a former student's parent share a wonderful story with me while my husband was in the hospital during teacher appreciation week.
I had this student in my very first 5th grade class. As I remember, this girl was a very eager learner, but had many struggles. One being that she was 1 of 8 girls in my class and she was not in the popular group. It did not help that in this school we only had one class at each grade level and these girls had grown up together from kindergarten. 

Needless to say, the other girls often made jokes about her looks and even went so far as to write a "burn book"about her. 

With all of this mean girl bullying, I knew she was being broken down by their hateful intentions.  After that day, I knew things in my room had to change. These girls could not continue to torment one of my students without understand how it effected her.

The principal of our school was a huge support.  She also made sure the other girls understood the severity of their actions.  After their consenquences in the office were severed I added daily, instead of weekly, class meetings.  The focus of these meetings were on bullying and what our responsiblity is to help stop it.  Even in our small school it was a problem and need to be stopped. 

Flash forward to the day I saw her mother in the hospital.  She was overjoyed by what I did to change the course of her child's life.  She thanked me for caring and helping to make a difference for her daughter.  She said that she still regularly watches the end of year video that I made for the class, and remembers how great the year ended.  

*Tear* I am so grateful for days like this.  It was also a perfect way to celebrate teacher appreciation week!


Summer Break

Today is actually day 8 of summer break, but I finally have a toddler free minute to update.  I have been loving the stay at home mommy life, but find it hard to be productive during the day when I don't have a timed out schedule to follow (must be a teacher thing!).

Last year my sister-in-law created a fun way to keep us active and have a fun "Stay-cation" called Traveling Tuesdays.  We picked several places we wanted to visit before we had to head back to school, she is a teacher as well, and then we met up with any other friends that wanted to "travel" as well.  I was just wondering how to stay productive and active during the summer?

Today is her last day of school, so hopefully we can start "traveling" soon! My plans for today, begin collecting and sharing items for student notebooking next year. 

My first favorite find:



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Currently May

For my first Currently, I am focusing more on my family issues right now.  My husband is currently receiving treatment for an abscess in his colon.  We hope that he can go home on Thursday.  Our daughter Miss R is doing so well with all of this right now, even though I know she wishes she could be with Momma and Dada right now. :/  Please pray that all goes well and I can get to some teacher posts soon.

I hope where ever you are or what you are doing that you all all happy and healthy.
Yours in education,

Ready to Launch!!!

Welcome to the world of Liz Herbert!
A little about me:
I am a 3rd Grade Teacher at an amazing school in Troy, Mo. This is my 5th year in education.  I spent 4 wonderful years in 5th grade and plan to share many fun things I did with them.  However, this will mostly be a place to share ideas for 2-3 grades. This blog is also intended to be a place for me to share all my professional documents and fun lesson ideas.  I hope you and your students find my items and tips useful and fun!  You also plan to share ideas I find and love on Pintrest.   Sorry this is such a short post, look forward to more to come soon :)

I hope you can Read, Learn, and Grow with me!