Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Rules

Is it completely crazy to add new rules in the last 31/2 months of the year?  I suppose it is, but the group I have this year has really thrown me for a loop, in many interesting ways.  SO...what's a girl to do when your class has tested all your tricks??? Get new tricks, right?!?!

Insert Whole Brain Teaching!  I have begun to research and understand how it all works. Baby steps to using the whole idea, if I ever adopt it all, but I am for sure posting and teaching the "5 RULES" in my classroom tomorrow.  To be honest, they are not really NEW rules, but more explictly taught.  I have to our PBIS expectations (but that is for a different post!) these rules will just help with the daily function and management of my students.

The main thing I LOVE about WBT is the hand gestures. This is something I already do for myself, but I am making an effort to use a gesture for every thing.  I started using them for lining up my kids today and it was AMAZING!!! They were so focused in the hallway and followed all the expectations perfectly!!! YES!!! No more saying the same expectations over and over while we are traveling in the hallway.  I just said a students name quietly, did the expectation gesture and mouthed the rule and they had to repeat it.  One reminder and they fixed the behavior.  I am so excited to see how this goes tomorrow.  I created some posters to use in my room to help them remember what the expectations were before we leave the room.  I will share when I create a credit page for the clip-art I used.

   Until then, here is the link to the cute 5 rules page that I found on Pinterest from Sunny and Bright in First Grade.  Do you use WBT?  How does it work for you?

According to Jeff Battle, Director, North Carolina Whole Brain Teachers:

Rule One: Follow directions quickly! (the gesture: make your hand shoot forward like a fish)

Rule Two: Raise your hand for permission to speak (the gesture: raise your hand, then pull it down next to your head and make a talking motion. This rule will be the most commonly violated. See below for how you stop this without criticism or negativity.)

Rule Three: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat. (the gesture: raise your and, and then make a little walking figure with your index and middle finger.)

Rule Four: Make smart choices! (the gesture: tap one finger to your temple as you say each word.

Rule Five: Keep your dear teacher happy! (the gesture: hold up each thumb and index finger out like an “L” framing your face; bob your head back and forth with each word and smile really big!)

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